Audit Committee

1. Mr.Pradit Sawattananond Chairman of Audit committee/ Independent Director
2. Mr.Manop Thanomkitti Audit committee/ Independent Director
3. Mr. Sakrapi Piewpanich Audit committee/ Independent Director
4. Mr. Somkid Sari Audit committee/ Independent Director

Nominating and Remuneration Committee

1. Mr. Pradit Sawattananond Nominating and Remuneration Committee
2. Mr. Sakrapi Piewpanich Nominating and Remuneration Committee

Executive Committee

1. Mr. Visanu Thepcharoen Vice Chairman
2. Mr. Somjitr Chaichana Executive committee
3. Mrs. Siriya Thepcharoen Executive committee

The Secretary of the Executive committee is Mr. Anusak Monklang, the Vice President of Budget Planning

Risk Management Committee

1. Mr. Somjitr Chaichana Chairman of Risk Managemant Subcommittee
2. Mr. Surachai Saengow Risk Managemant Sub-committee
3. Mrs. Manusanun Atchariyapruek Risk Managemant Sub-committee
4. Mr. Montri Makaranont Risk Managemant Sub-committee
5. Ms. Luksamon Yasothorn Risk Managemant Sub-committee
6. Mr. Anusak Monklung Risk Managemant Sub-committee

The Secretary of the Risk Managemant Sub-committee is Mr. Anusak Monklang, the Vice President of Budget Planning