Business Overview

Natures of Products and Services

The Company's policy is to develop property for sale and renting, the characteristics of each business segment are as follows:

A) Business of Land Sale and Land and House Sale
  1. Detached house with A level for clients with income levels rates start at Baht 10.00 million, speed of home sales are slow for this group because these customers will be customers with high purchasing power,knowledgeable and take the time to find information to make decisions, most never had a home before and need to consider carefully and take time in buying for a second home. Customers, regardless of their appearance or price, but only to look at the environment, security, and infrastructure, including the image of the project. The Company currently A single housing project follows:
    • The Greenery Project is the first phase of the project of the Nusasiri City Rama 2, which is located on 350 rais on Rama 2 Rd, TambolBannamjued, MuangSamutSakhon. Inside the Nusasiri City Rama 2 will be highlights at the completely of the project and convenience of living. The residential area consists of phase 1 (Greenery) Phase 2 (Lake Como) and phase 3 (Chivani), the project is also located at the front of the Community Mall Nusa Avenue, which has been developed and managed by the Company, including space for International School and health centers. The project Greenery, which has projects worth over 16,000 million baht, with total number of homes of 104 units. The construction of the houses is expected to be completed in the 1st quarter of 2014 and the Community Mall where is in the front of the project to be completed in the second half of the year 2015
    • My Ozone Project is in Pak Chong district, NakhonRatchasima, it is the large health project, the highlights of the project is the public utilities in the project with the large 18-hole golf course. The product was a single house and land were 317 units on approximately 1,134 rais in the project. Value of the house and land worth over 3,152.23 million baht is expected to begin transfering in the the 2nd quarter of 2014 and expects that construction projects in Zone A and GG will be completed within the year 2015.
    • Lake Como project is Phase 2 of the Nusasiri City Rama 2, the highlights is a luxury lake house total of 49 units, which has project worth 2,450 million ,expected to be completed model homes in the 3rd of this year 2015.
  2. Detached house B level for customers who are middle income, starting at 5.0 million baht, the price level is more demand. Projects of this group homes is as follows:
    • Baan Krissana Rama 5 is the resort-style home is located on Kanjanaphisek Road, BangKuviang, Banggluay, Nonthaburi Province, projects worth over 1,000 million baht, with total number of 120 units is expected to accelerate closing the project within the year 2015.
    • The Nusa Chivani Rama 2, a Phase 3 of the Nusasiri City Rama 2 with a total of 146 units, expects to open approximately late the end of 4th quarter of 2015.
    • The Nusa ChivaniPattaya project size of over 185 rais, phase 1, a total of 84 units located on 127 Moo 8, Tambon Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi Province is a distinguished architectural projects in Pattaya - Chonburi. The highlights is its location and facilities around the project. One half expects construction to be completed by the 4th quarter of 2015.
  3. Detached house and townhouse project in C Level is “Na Rathorn” located on Suwinthawong Road. Which consisting of detached houses and townhouses starting price of 1.59 million baht. The project is appropriate for customers working In the area of industrial estates that have just started creating families. About the construction is expected that the 6 of detached houses and 125 units of townhouses will be completed in 2014.
B) Business for space sale and renting in the plaza zone of health.

The company sees business opportunities related to the health of the "Bangkok Medical duplex" BMC, a medical center, medicine and medical equipment, most modern in Asia which emphasizes health and provide consultation to customers. The groups and individuals who are the target group for the space sale and rental spaces including hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, doctors and health. By current the BMC has an average occupancy rate of 90% or more.

C) Business of Construction

which meet the needs of customers in the detached houses in a level A only.

D) Business of condominiums type Low-Rise and High-Rise

The company has a condominium project ongoing of construction for 3 projects:

  1. Up Ekamai was approved by the National Environment Board already is under construction processing. It is expected to be completed by the delivery areas in the 1st quarter of 2015. The Up Ekamai condo project is the Modern & Luxury concept, suitable for upper class customers who want to live in the city, including foreigners who looking for residential or investment property. The Project of UpEkamaiis an the 30storey condominium, is on over 2 rais with a total of 253 units, the value of the project worth more than 1,419 million baht.
  2. Projects ParcExoCondominium, is on Kaset-Navamin Roadwhich was approved by the National Environment Board already. construction was completed in the 2nd quarter of 2015. Suitable for the clients who working nearby who want to live well in the city center projects. TheParcExo Condominium consists of 6 buildings total 1,232 units which the project value worth than Baht 2,449 million baht.
  3. Fresh Condominium is near MRT Purple Line (Tao Poon – Bang Son) has been approved by National Environment Board already. In the field of construction expected in Phase 1 (Building A and B) to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2015 and began operations in Phase 2 immediately. The Fresh Condominium project is perfect for people who live in the area and want to be windening or a group of people working on the area in Bang Sue, Bang Po. The Phase 1 project has total of 372 units worth 620 million baht.
E) Rental Business,

Sport Mall, located at ParcExo Project by the general membership, not only for customers located in the Condominium of the Company. The annual membership and monthly membership fee. The aimed to group intermediate and families living in that area. The Sport Mall has a total leasable area of over 4,000 square meters and is expected to open in the 3rd of 2014.

F) Rental Business, Community Mall

is in the front of the Nusasiri City Rama 2, focuses on serving clients and customers who live in the project area. By collecting the rent from the store on a monthly. The Community Mall has leased space of 5,000 square meters and is expected to the second half of the year 2015

G) Water Park Plaza

is located at Pattaya, adjacent to the Nusa Chivani by the concept that management team perceives to be a tourism business to support the tremendous growth in the last 2-3 years, because more customers from China, Russia, etc and will grow substantially in the future.The Water Park Plaza revenues from the store to play daily and revenue from the wholesale to the company tours annually and also have income from rental of retail space and a restaurant in its area.

H) Golf Business,

the company has invested in a project to build an 18-hole golf course of My Ozone Project, at Pak Chong,NakhonRatchasima province. It is a golf course that suits golfers, both men and women including the elderly by collecting a membership fee and the times fee.