Management Team

The company is managed by Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of any divisions. They supervise in each division as their responsibility. There are 5 divisions as follow

1. Mr. Visanu Thepcharoen Chief Executive Officer
2. Mr. Somjitr Chaichana Senior Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Administrative Partner Division
4. Mrs. Siriya Thepcharoen Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Division
5. Mr. Rachan Arayawongchai Chief Financial Officer
6. Ms. Aiyarin Athikulmethawat Vice President, Accounting
7. Mr. Manassakorn Julajinda Vice President, Finance
8. Ms. Visnie Thepcharoen Vice President, Marketing Acting Vice President, Sales
9. Mrs. Tasanan Fathi Vice President, Human Resources
10. Mr. Montri Makaranont Vice President, Legal
11. Mr. Wongsakorn Thepcharoen Vice President, Leasing