Message from Chairman

The Nusasiri Public Company Limited (“Nusasiri”) continues growing so as to meet stakeholders’ requirement and their benefits at all level. Although the Company sometimes faces obstacles which may affect our operation, we are not yet apathetic anyhow. We persevere in becoming a leading property development business with a focus on creating “Better Quality of Life”

“Better Quality of Life” is what “Nusasiri” always gives the most significance. We focus not only on continuously developing residents, but we today create a good health of customers as well. We, therefore, fully expand in a “healthcare” business to penetrate both domestic and foreign markets. The first investment is China, which is the beginning of expanding business opportunities in Asian markets. In addition, we also plan to launch the largest cultural theme park business and the largest Thai cultural center in Thailand to welcome tourists from every corner of the world.

On behalf of Nusasiri Public Company Limited, we express our profound gratitude to shareholders, investors, partners, and all parties involved, including financial institutions supporting our operation as always. We strongly believe that “Nusasiri” will continue to strive and intend to develop in order to make the highest benefits, and reach the maximum demand of all stakeholders under the Good Corporate Governance and the Code of Business Conduct to become a leading property development business henceforth.


(Mr. Visanu Thepcharoen)
Chairman of the Board of Directors